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Creating magical moments that bring people together

Live in-person and online Zoom contests are available for company events, school socials, galas, fund raisers, birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday parties to keep your family, friends, and co-workers connected while having some competitive fun.

I have been fortunate enough to host over 150 online events for organizations all across the country including Amblin Entertainment, Goldman Sachs, The San Francisco School, Annapurna Pictures, Cravath, Swaine & Moore, Qualcomm, and Collegiate School in New York City. This is not your typical Zoom meeting.

It has been incredibly gratifying to see the joy and excitement on the faces of co-workers, parent groups, students, friends, and families as they have played in these games I am thrilled to create, and it's been great returning to host in-person events, as well.




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Whether you are looking for a quick team building event to break up the work week or a more leisurely social event at night to connect co-workers and their families or a massive holiday party for over 100 to celebrate the end of a successful year, we can work together and customize an experience that everyone will enjoy. I have hosted events for the following organizations:


Amblin Entertainment • American College of Mohs Surgery • Annapurna Pictures • Aptose Biosciences • Aptus Court Reporting • Armanino • Blueshift Asset Management • Bruker Daltonics • Center for Active Design • Chicago Estate Planning Council • Code and TheoryColdwell Banker • Covington & Burling • Cravath, Swaine & Moore • Duetto • Facebook Reality Labs • Genstar Capital • Getaround • Goldman Sachs • Grail, Inc. • Korean American Bar Association • Lacework • Littler • Lumity • Mantle Inc. • New York-Presbyterian Hospital • POND5 • Qualcomm • Rhythm Agency • Right Hand Events • TPG • UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) • USC Caruso Catholic Center • Velodyne Lidar • Warner Brothers Games • WINGS Metro Associate Council


It's getting more difficult for school parents to connect and a Zoom trivia and music bingo event is a great way to break the ice and meet up in a format that is structured like a party where everyone can spend some time together as a full group then break off into smaller groups as teammates to get to know one another. Whether you want the kids to participate in the festivities is entirely up to you and questions and songs can be included just for them to make it a multi-generational extravaganza. Also makes for a great fund raiser or gala. I have hosted events for the following schools:


Children's Day School • Crocker Middle SchoolHillsborough School FoundationLick-Wilmerding High School • Montessori de Terra Linda • Mount Tamalpais School Nueva School San Francisco Day School • The San Francisco SchoolSouth SchoolTice Creek SchoolUrban School


The Brearley School • Collegiate School • The Town School • Washington Market School



Trivia contests cover a vast spectrum of topics that will spark discussions with every player on the team contributing. Digital answer sheets are provided and teams will use breakout rooms to discuss and debate their answers together in private after each round of questions.


From ABBA to Jay Z... From ‘One Love’ to ‘99 Luftballons... From ‘Black Coffee In Bed’ to wasting away in ‘Margaritaville’... Similar to traditional Bingo except random songs are played instead of numbers drawn and each song must be matched to the artist named on the digital Bingo cards that are provided. The luck of the draw plays a larger role in determining the winner and make this a fabulous addition or alternative to Trivia. Songs from Movies & TV shows or from specific decades of music are also available.


These are a few of my favorite things...

The player who was sent a bottle of wine by her teammates as an apology for going against her correct answer about a specific element in the periodic table of the elements. The label on the bottle was customized with the symbol of that element.

The couple who did “the lift” from Dirty Dancing as the song was played during Music Bingo while he was seated in a chair that didn’t look like it was structurally sound. Huge virtual ovation for them once we saw that they safely completed the move.

The player who not only knew the answer to the uniform number that is retired by every MLB baseball team, he actually put on the jersey he wore as a pitcher for the Brewers, one of the last three players to ever wear #42.

The 70th birthday party for a professor that was organized by his former students and the story he told during 60's and 70's music bingo after Stevie Wonder was played. One of his relatives worked at Motown records and would bring him a stack of 45 singles every week when he was kid. Of course, the fact that he would use them as targets for his BB gun after playing them almost broke this vinyl record fan's heart.

Hosting a game for somebody I knew was a sports fan and whose bio said he grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, so I finished the game with a picture round of t-shirts featured in movies and for the final question I took off my dress shirt to reveal the "Cutters" t-shirt underneath that I had made for a costume party years ago. Not only did he recognize that the shirt was from the movie Breaking Away, he told us all the story of how he was paid $5 to be part of the crowd during the Little 500 bike race scenes and actually appears in the movie.

The silent smile of pure satisfaction on the face of the younger woman who won her company's massive music bingo contest after the older men had been unmuting the entire game to criticize all the modern songs in the playlist.

The player who stuck around after his company's holiday event to tell me how his team was stumped on a question about two popular actors playing the same role early in their careers on a soap opera, so he ran to the room where his wife was watching TV, and gave her the minimal information: Name 1, Name 2, Soap Opera. She barely glanced away from her show to tell him the correct answer and he ran back to his teammates on Zoom. He was so proud of her.

The team that was stuck on a question they asked me to repeat a couple times when they suddenly erupted in joy. After the game I asked what it was about and one of the players held the key to the answer but didn't know who Danny Trejo was so the rest of the team had to describe him (badass, tattoos, fu manchu, owns a taco co.) and she was finally able to picture him and name the film series he was in.


If you are a restaurant or bar manager in the San Diego area looking to fill up your venue on a slow night or Sunday brunch, please contact me and we can discuss the options.

I was hosting weekly live trivia contests at O'Sullivan's Irish Pub in Carlsbad Village for five years prior to the pandemic with reservations disappearing minutes after they became available. I have an amazing group of trivia and music bingo fans who transitioned with me to Zoom and we continued playing new contests every week online. A rundown of each of those weekly games can be found in the Past Games section of this site.

I have a mailing list of over 150, many of them regulars who will play at least once a month with some teams playing every week. Hennessey's in Carlsbad has become the first venue to welcome us back. Would you like to be the next?