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R-E-S-P-E-C-T *


June 7 & 8

Nita’s Brawlstars rose to the top of the Wednesday leaderboard for their first ever victory and in the Tuesday contest Gaza Strippers finished a half point ahead of Karlsgood for 2nd place. Sure, Kauai Chickens took 1st overall with another perfect score but I think we’re getting used to that now as their winning streak has reached 4 weeks.

There were some surprisingly tricky questions this week including the six syllable word for what the president said he did NOT take for Covid-19 (responsibility), the former form of currency on the island of Yap, all the uses of the word ‘booster’, the scruff of the neck, and some of the Karens pictured above.

Win AND Booze and Homebound Hos and Bros had another marathon overtime battle in Wednesday's music contest with Homebound ultimately winning with Jason Derulo. Quarantidiots almost defeated the Chickens on Tuesday but ultimately fell to Kasey Musgraves after a valiant overtime battle. A strange turn of events played out in the chat messaging on Tuesday after I played Camila Cabella and it was mentioned by Damien of Mitch McConnell's Childhood Polio that she was a former member of Fifth Harmony, which I didn’t see at the time, then their team was eliminated by a Fifth Harmony song.

The complete and combined Standings from both nights can be found below, but first up is a list of the teams that improved their ranking the most from their previous game with No Pants rising from 22nd to 12th from their previous game two weeks ago.


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Quarantrivia Update: While in-person events are on hold, online Zoom contests are available for your organization to stay connected and have a little fun from their own homes.

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Similar to traditional Bingo except random songs are played instead of numbers drawn and you match each song to the artist named on your Bingo card. The luck of the draw plays a larger role in determining the winner and make this a fabulous pre-game or alternative to Trivia.

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* Even Otis admitted that Aretha owned his song