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R-E-S-P-E-C-T *


June 28 & 29

Two perfect games this week from Karlsgood on Tuesday and Helen Keller’s Death Was Senseless on Wednesday, and five other teams were a single point away from a perfecto themselves. This marks the first time Kauai Chickens did not win the Tuesday contest since the first week of June... and there was much rejoicing.

This week’s game recalled the President’s cognitive test answers with the teams that remembered them in order receiving an extra point, just like the President. Other tricky questions covered the top selling fiction book from last year, the naming of uranium, the jukebox musical Rock of Ages, and the Dance Moves video round.

The Music Bingo contest featured songs from this century. Team I Rish were the surprise winners of the Tuesday Bingo, while on Wednesday we had a tie between Homebound Kikicocolala and Win AND Booze. The next Bingo game will be songs from the 60’s and 70’s and maybe even a few earlier than that.

The complete and combined Standings from both nights can be found below, but first up is the T-Score ranking that shows the Top 10 teams after taking this week's score and adjusting it by their past per game average vs the median score. Wilfred Brimley's Diabeetus All-Stars must have liked that round dedicated to their team name, topping this ranking as their near perfect score of 50 points was bumped up by their average of 1.88 below the median for the leading T-Score of the week at 51.88.


Master of Trivialities

Quarantrivia Update: While in-person events are on hold, online Zoom contests are available for your organization to stay connected and have a little fun from their own homes.

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Bring your team together at your organization’s next celebration or conference with a Trivia & Music Bingo event that taps into their playful spirits and is guaranteed to get the competitive juices flowing.


Since 2015, I have been hosting the best Trivia contest in the San Diego area and reservations disappear within minutes every week. Contests are briskly paced and run the gamut from the popular culture of movies & TV to the classics of history & science and are customized to fit your needs.


From ABBA to Jay Z...

From ‘One Love’ to ‘99 Luftballons...

From ‘Black Coffee In Bed’ to wasting away in ‘Margaritaville’…

Similar to traditional Bingo except random songs are played instead of numbers drawn and you match each song to the artist named on your Bingo card. The luck of the draw plays a larger role in determining the winner and make this a fabulous pre-game or alternative to Trivia.

Movie Quotes, TV Theme Songs, and specific decades of music are also available for Bingo.



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* Even Otis admitted that Aretha owned his song