Past Games

June 21 & 22

For the first time in many weeks a new team appears at the top of the overall leaderboard and it was also their first win in the Wednesday contest. Congratulations to Okay Zoomer on their first sweet taste of victory and for dethroning Kauai Chickens, who still pulled out their own victory on Tuesday despite struggling a bit more than usual.

The wild card round this week was our first attempt at playing Scattergories and while I don’t plan on doing it every week, as some suggested, I do see it returning regularly because of how fun it was… at least from my perspective. The answer that was shared (and canceled out) by the most teams was Sousaphone for the S-lettered Musical Instrument.

Tricky questions this week included Baskin Robbins’ Flavor of the Month, Ta-Nehisi Coates, 7-11’s trademark on “Brain Freeze”, Scrabble letters, and my family harassed me into accepting the Baker’s Dozen answer from the Jokes & Riddles round so all you bakers have been credited. It should also be noted that Diner Lingo will never return.

Music Bingo returned this week with a digital version of the printed cards we used to use at O’Sullivan’s and Kilowatt. It was 80’s & 90’s songs this week and on Tuesday, the Quarantidiots had one of the best Bingo cards of all-time winning after Bruce Hornsby, the 8th song, was played. Since that was so quick, we continued for 2nd place and that was taken by Skyler after song 19 by Til Tuesday. The game lasted longer on Wednesday, with Nita submitting her card after Tupac was played as the 22nd song, hoping to end the stress one way or another, and walking away as a Bingo champion.

The complete and combined Standings from both nights can be found below, but first up is the T-Score ranking that shows the Top 10 teams after taking this week's score and adjusting it by their past per game average vs the median score. Helen Keller’s Death Was Senseless tops this ranking as their score of 47 points was bumped up by their average of 1.38 below the median for the leading T-Score of the week at 48.38.

June 14 & 15

Kauai Chickens ran their winning streak to 5 weeks in a row on Tuesday and on Wednesday Homebound Hos and Bros won a tie-breaker utilizing the Price Is Right rules over Okay Zoomer who went over.

This turned out to be a somewhat more difficult game than usual starting with the Top 5 round to identify the top beer producing countries in the world. Other tricky questions dealt with helter skelters, dangers to birds, Jim Crow, and Tasmanian Tigers & Devils. As y’all know, I love album covers and when I saw the above senior care center recreations online last week I had to include them in the game. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

After weeks of requests the music contest finally covered cover songs with each team deciding whether to hear the original or the cover based on which year each was released, then having to name the other artist. On Tuesday, it came down to the song You Can Leave Your Hat On with Kauai Chickens defeating Mitch McConnell by knowing the 1972 Randy Newman original was covered in 1986 by Joe Cocker. On Wednesday, Take Me to the River was the decider with Win AND Booze taking the title over Homebound by knowing that the 1978 Talking Heads cover was a 1974 Al Green original. If you enjoy really bad cover songs, Questlove did an entire DJ set of them on Thursday night that you will want to at least skim through here:

The complete and combined Standings from both nights can be found below, but first up is SOMETHING NEW. I have been tracking each team’s score for the past month or so against the median score each week. This T-Score ranking shows the Top 10 teams after taking this week's score and adjusting it by their past per game average vs the median score. For example, Kauai Chickens have had an average score 3.75 points above the median each week. By taking their score from this week (48) and lowering it by that average (3.75) they wind up with a T-Score of 44.25. OK Zoomer’s score of 47 was bumped up by their average of 0.67 below the median for the leading T-Score of the week at 47.67.

June 7 & 8

Nita’s Brawlstars rose to the top of the Wednesday leaderboard for their first ever victory and in the Tuesday contest Gaza Strippers finished a half point ahead of Karlsgood for 2nd place. Sure, Kauai Chickens took 1st overall with another perfect score but I think we’re getting used to that now as their winning streak has reached 4 weeks.

There were some surprisingly tricky questions this week including the six syllable word for what the president said he did NOT take for Covid-19 (responsibility), the former form of currency on the island of Yap, all the uses of the word ‘booster’, the scruff of the neck, and some of the Karens pictured above.

Win AND Booze and Homebound Hos and Bros had another marathon overtime battle in Wednesday's music contest with Homebound ultimately winning with Jason Derulo. Quarantidiots almost defeated the Chickens on Tuesday but ultimately fell to Kasey Musgraves after a valiant overtime battle. A strange turn of events played out in the chat messaging on Tuesday after I played Camila Cabella and it was mentioned by Damien of Mitch McConnell's Childhood Polio that she was a former member of Fifth Harmony, which I didn’t see at the time, then their team was eliminated by a Fifth Harmony song.

The complete and combined Standings from both nights can be found below, but first up is a list of the teams that improved their ranking the most from their previous game with No Pants rising from 22nd to 12th from their previous game two weeks ago.

June 30 & July 1

The Kauai Chickens are atop the overall leaderboard for the third week in a row with Babes with Brains and Gaza Strippers finishing tied for 2nd on Tuesday. On Wednesday, there was a three way tie for 1st between BARFLYZZ, Homebound Hos and Bros, and win AND booze with the Hos & Bros taking the tie-breaker by nailing the exact number of hot dogs Joey Chestnut had eaten for the world record, which in case you didn’t catch it, he broke yesterday by eating 75 Nathan dogs in 10 minutes. Tricky questions this week included Tarot card suits, the Algonquin round table, the minuteman missile/soldier, the architectural designs of Buckminster Fuller, and the Gaza Strippers were the only team to know what a bail/bale is in jewelry.

On a personal note, thank you for indulging my love of Melvin Kaminsky, aka Mel Brooks, with an entire round dedicated to him to celebrate his 94th birthday, and while it is sad that we lost Carl Reiner, we should all be so lucky to have 98 years and to spend them up to the very end with our best friends.

The music contest featured a playlist of songs that had any type of connection to America and the 4th of July. Kauai Chickens bested Mitch McConnell's Childhood Polio on Tuesday, while win AND booze took the championship belt on Wednesday by knowing that Rick Derringer was the artist behind Hulk Hogan’s entrance song, Real American.

The complete and combined Standings from both nights can be found below, but first up is a list of the teams that improved their ranking the most from their previous game with BARFLYZZ rising the most from 18th to 2nd place.

June 23 & 24

The Kauai Chickens were a dirty shoulder away from a perfect game to win the Tuesday game by a point over Mitch McConnell’s Childhood Polio, while Homebound Hos and Bros eked out a victory over win AND booze on Wednesday. Tougher than usual questions dealing with botany, sausages, Chinese history, Sprite, and NFL quarterbacks tripped up numerous teams this week but I was also happy to see that most teams remembered the story from 1970 that led to the naming of a new park in Oregon. Here’s a link to the video of that infamous local news report if you’ve never seen it or want to view it again:

For the music contest we dived into some One Hit Wonders over the decades which also proved to be more difficult than usual but also super fun because who doesn’t enjoy a little Kung Fu Fighting, Rico Suave, and the vocal stylings of Bruce Willis? BAR FLYZZ were the first winners on Tuesday and the Wednesday game was won by Helen Keller’s death was senseless.

The complete and combined Standings from both nights can be found below, but first up is a list of the teams that improved their ranking the most from their previous game with Mitch McConnell’s Childhood Polio rising the most from 15th to 2nd place.

June 16 & 17

Gaza Strippers were a Fly Girl away from matching the perfect game of the Kauai Chickens in the Tuesday contest, while win AND booze won a razor thin tie-breaker over Groover Cleveland and Homebound Hos and Bros on Wednesday. Highlights magazine, OJ’s dog, Tombstone’s theater, and the highest paid celebrities were the trickiest trivia questions this week.

Both nights had extended overtimes in the music contests. On Tuesday, Gaza Strippers eventually lost to BAR FLYZ on the slightest of technicalities when they went with Misfits instead of Danzig on the song Mother. On Wednesday, Homebound Hos and Bros were able to identify I’m Not In Love by 10cc after a handful of seconds to prevent win AND Booze from winning both contests.

The complete and combined Standings from both nights can be found below, but first up is a list of the teams that improved their ranking the most from their previous game and Babes With Brains led the way this week rising from 19th to 7th place.

June 9 & 10

Another perfect tie game on Wednesday but this week Groover Cleveland came out on top over Quentin Quarantino with the Homebound Hos and Bros missing the perfecto by a USA Today. On Tuesday, it was Kauai Chickens taking the title by a Bud Light over G Funk and Gaza Strippers.

The trickiest questions this week dealt with the previously mentioned beers and newspapers, the Black Panthers, the guardian of the Holy Grail, Vandals over (Visi)Goths, and the Tropic of Capricorn.

Joanna repeated as Tuesday’s music champ over BAR FLYZ and on Wednesday the Homebound Hos and Bros rebounded from their early TV Theme exit the week before to take the title over Helen Keller’s death was senseless via an assist from Win AND Booze’s earlier request for some speed metal to make it into the music mix.

The complete and combined Standings from both nights can be found below, but first up is a list of the teams that improved their ranking the most from their previous game with the I-Rish movin' on up like The Jefferson's from 21st to 8th place.

June 2 & 3

New winners this week on both nights with three perfect games, which surprised me because I thought I had thrown in a few really hard questions in an attempt to keep that from happening. On Tuesday, it was Karlsgood with the perfecto and on Wednesday there was a tie between Win AND Booze and Groover Cleveland with the boozers winning it on the tie-breaker.

The most controversial question was over Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god’s animal head and I have corrected the scores giving all teams with dog, canine, and wolf related answers credit in addition to the jackals, as all are mentioned in the wikipedia entry. Other tricky questions included the commander of the recent Space X mission, free donuts, parts of feathers, Ginger Rogers, a parsec, and fiddlehead ferns.

The music game this week featured TV theme songs along with other songs that were featured in shows like Let’s Go to the Mall from HIMYM and Best Day Ever from Spongebob, the latter of which unexpectedly tripped up one of our stronger music teams in the first round. Joanna was the winner on Tuesday with Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation used as the theme for Freaks and Geeks and Helen Keller outlasted Thunderfist! to take Wednesday’s crown with the theme to Hill Street Blues.

The complete and combined Standings from both nights can be found below, but first up is a list of the teams that improved their ranking the most from their previous game with BAR FLYZ rising from from 23rd to 7th place.

May 26 & 27

Homebound Hos and Bros were the pitchers of the perfect game this week on Wednesday with Groover Cleveland and win AND booze hot on their heels. On Tuesday, there were four teams tied for the lead and it was the Kauai Chickens who had the sneakerhead on their team who knew the price of the recently auctioned Air Jordan 1's to win the tie-breaker over Mitch McConnell’s Childhood Polio, Babes With Brains, and Wilford Brimley Diabeetus All-Stars.

Kauai Chickens also won the Music contest on Tuesday over G Funk while win AND booze turned the tables and outlasted a marathon Wednesday overtime versus Homebound Hos with Hey Mr. D.J. by Zhané.

For those of you who enjoyed the Music Mashup round that concluded this week's trivia game here are the links to those videos...

The complete and combined Standings from both nights can be found below, but first up is a list of the teams that improved their ranking the most from their previous game. This week it was G Funk moving all the way up from 29th to 9th place.

May 19 & 20

The Kauai Chickens pitched a perfect game on Tuesday, even getting the tricky flower question, which has been their downfall in the past. In Wednesday's game, Win or Booze won a tie-breaker over Homebound Hos and Bros for their first time on top of the leaderboard after a previous tie-break loss.

The toughest questions this week included NYC’s Taxi and Limousine Commission, the Next Level of Jumanji, the Reebok antelopes and shoe connection, and Chuck E. Cheese’s recent nefarious marketing scheme. However, one of the toughest questions in a long while was about the recent popularity of Fireball whiskey.

In the music contests, Kauai Chickens were foiled on Tuesday by Bar Flyzz who were able to name Olivia Newton-John in a fastest finger tie-breaker, while on Wednesday it was the Homebound Hos knowing that Zapp performed the original More Bounce to the Ounce in an overtime, time free victory over Win or Booze. And for the record, Joanna from Mitch McConnell’s Childhood Polio would like everyone to know that she hates Post Malone. No word on her feelings about Swae Lee.

The complete and combined Standings from both nights can be found below, but first up is a list of the teams that improved their ranking the most from their previous game with The Book Club making a massive leap from 28th to 7th place.

May 12 & 13

I want to start with the funniest moment of this week which took place in the Movie Music contest during Michele Pfeiffer's lovely performance of the song Cool Rider. The team on the clock appeared to be stumped, which was expected because it was one of the more obscure songs that I included, then what to my wondering ears should I hear but a faint voice in the background screaming out, "Grease 2." Those closest to the mic wouldn't believe them and were about to throw in the towel when I gave it to them for fear of the rumble that might have broken out if they had lost by not listening to their friend. Win or Booze were the redemptive winners of Movie Music on Wednesday while the Dudes triumphed on Tuesday.

In the Trivia contests, Very Stable Geniuses and Hometown Hos and Bros returned to the top of the leaderboard with near perfect games on Tuesday and Wednesday. The trickier questions this week included some of the celebrity moms, the names of Foosball table manufacturers, interior angles of a Pentagon, the relatively new volleyball position of Libero, and then there were those who remembered that Monopoly has a Luxury Tax space but forgot about the Income Tax space which is the 16th Amendment of the Constitution

The complete and combined Standings from both nights can be found below, but first up is a list of the teams that improved their ranking the most from their previous game.

May 5 & 6

It took seven weeks of online trivia for a question to rise up and create a whirlwind of controversy so heated that for the first time I wish I had been recording Tuesday’s game. Alas, there is the chat transcript to preserve at least a portion of THE DEVOTED DUVET DEBATE OF 2020.

Shams go on pillows
A sham is a pillow thing
sham is for a pillow
duvet is the comforter
Sam the sham and the Pharos
the cover is duvet cover
OMG is this real life
I think we're reaching that breaking point
That answer is a sham
This is making my night. OMG.
This is all a sham!
a duvet cover covers a duvet
the label says DUVET COVER
Stop with these sheety answers
don’t make me pull up a Bed Bath and Beyond screenshot
A comforter covers a bed, a duvet cover covers a duvet a sham covers a pillow
omg duvet is what goes inside of the cover. i've only ever lived in socal and its the same
do say do vay
the duvet was invented in canada. little known fact.

Less controversial but difficult questions included the dynasty/currency of China, America’s oldest brewery, the country Mexico defeated on Cinco de Mayo, U.S. landmarks, and the Teletubby with the red bag.

In Trivia there were near perfect games played by Irish for more margaritas, The Gaza Strippers, and Kauai Chickens. On Tuesday, it took a tie-breaker to give the crown to the Strippers, and on Wednesday the Irish finished one point ahead of Win or Booze.

In the Music games, Joanna finally prevailed all by her lonesome on Tuesday in overtime against G Funk (2nd), Paulding Pounders, Bar Flyz, Babes With Brains, and Kauai Chickens. On Wednesday, Helen Keller won in overtime for the second week in a row over Homebound Hos (2nd), Okay Zoomer, and Win or Booze.

The complete and combined Standings from both nights can be found below, but first up is a list of the teams that improved their ranking the most from the previous week.

APRIL 28 & 29

35 teams and 102 participants played across both nights this week. Kauai Chickens pitched a perfect game on Tuesday to return to the top of the roost after a few weeks just missing out, while Homebound Hos and Bros had just enough to repeat as the Wednesday champs. The toughest questions included my slightly too hidden hint to go to Scarborough Fair, Jake Ryan of 16 Candles appearing in VisionQuest, the names of meteor showers, and that Doofenshmirtz Evil, Inc. is from Phineas and Ferb.

The Music Bee contests were equally intense. Four teams survived all six decades on Tuesday to make it into the "fastest to 3" playoff with G Funk eeking out the victory over Kauai Chickens, I-Rish..., and Lean Mean Quarantine Machine. On Wednesday it was Helen Keller with the faster fingers in a playoff win over Homebound Hos.

The complete and combined Standings from both nights can be found below, but first up is a list of the teams that improved their ranking the most from the previous week. Maybe they had teammates returning who couldn't be there the week before or maybe this week's categories matched their areas of knowledge better, or maybe they had less (or more) to drink, but whatever the reason, I thought it would be fun to highlight teams this way, as well.

APRIL 21 & 22

34 teams and 107 participants played across both nights this week. The trickiest questions included the Motor Trend car of the year trophy, The #1 Ladies Detective Agency, the minimum number of rolls in a game of bowling, siblings Beanie Feldstein & Jonah Hill, the self-loathing of Floridians, YouTubing sensation Ryan Kaji, and the velocity associated with Ernst Mach, but the most difficult question of all was that Roblox is the gaming system played by an estimated two-thirds of American kids between the ages of nine and 12.

Very Stable Geniuses pitched a perfect game for the victory in the Tuesday contest with Gaza Strippers and Babes With Brains leaping into the upper echelon. The Wednesday game had a three-way tie for first with Homebound Hos and Bros winning the tie-breaker over Asymptomatic Carriers and We brought A Baby by getting closest to the current average number of people per household in the U.S.

The Music Bee contest saw teams get knocked out both nights by going with the Everly Brothers instead of the Righteous Brothers for You've Lost That Loving Feeling. On Tuesday, Kauai Chickens won a tie-breaker over I-Rish I had a Cuter Mask while on Wednesday Thunderfist! survived with Gloria Gaynor to outlast Okay Zoomer in overtime.

APRIL 14 & 15

We expanded to two shows this week, adding a Wednesday game to keep from going over the Zoom streaming limit, which we would have with a collective total of 105 participants playing on 32 teams. The trickiest question this week was about the origins of the betting term Handicap with only one team knowing (or guessing) that it came from the custom of placing bets in a hat (hand-in-cap).

Mitch McConnell's Childhood Polio had a near perfect game, only missing the above question to win on Tuesday, and Asymptomatic Carriers won the tie-breaker over Win or Booze on Wednesday by being the first to name the Doctor below.

The Music Bee winners this week were Homebound Hos and Joe in a tie-breaker on Tuesday and Thunderfist! on Wednesday.


Our third online Zoom event saw a nearly overwhelming number of participants streaming from 85 different homes to form 23 teams. The competition was fierce and not without some missteps from your host who now appreciates the silence of Zoom after completely bungling a Word question that I never could have dremt of messing up as badly as I did (see below for the Chat reactions). The saddest part was I included the number of letters as a way of helping, which it would have, if I had given out the correct number. Anyway, I decided to give everybody a point for that one in the revised Standings below.

Speaking of which, after further review, Monterrey, Mexico, is a city in the state of Nuevo Leon and it is in the NorthEAST of the country, not the Northwest. Not to mention the extra letter vs. different letter issue already argued during the game by the correct Sonoma/Sonora crowd. Therefore, no points for Monterey/Monterrey.

Also upon further review, the Kauai Chickens did not tie for 1st place due to my accidental crediting them for Beyonce on the Twitter round. That gives the title to Homebound Hos and Bros who would have won the jigsaw puzzle tie-breaker over the new 2nd place team, Very Stable Geniuses.

The Music Bee game after Trivia also reached a new level of excitement with 3 teams not only making it through every decade to the end, they also matched each other song for song through 5 rounds of overtime before we finally improvised a best of 3 tie-breaker with the fastest to text the answer determining the winner:

  1. Quarantinis

  2. Kauai Chickens

  3. Homebound Hos

March 31

Our second online Zoom event was even better with 18 teams and close to 60 video streams. The Love Lives round tripped up a number of teams, particularly the loves of Rachel Weisz and that Martha Stewart broke up with Anthony Hopkins after she saw him play Hannibal Lecter. This was also the week of Fake Trivia questions with wrong answers in honor of April Fool's Day. Bar Flyz started out strong with a perfect 1st Half but it was the Kauai Chickens coming from behind with a perfect 2nd Half for the 1 point victory over Mitch McConnell’s Childhood Polio.

11 teams stayed after Trivia for the new Music Bee game that mixes Name That Tune in a Spelling Bee format. Two teams made it through all the decades then had a brutal head-to-head battle on their final decade (60's) with the Homebound Hos outlasting the Gaza Strippers for the win.


1. Kauai Chickens

2. Mitch McConnell’s Childhood Polio

3. Karlsgood

4. Gaza Strippers

5. I-rish I had my own gov. cuomo

The Very Stable Geniuses


Homebound Hos and Joe

7. Speed Dating isn't what it used to be....

8. Village Idiots

Wilford Brimley's Diabeetus All-Stars

9. Almost to the Purple Church

10. Babes With Brains

Dude, I talk to my Roomba


11. The Philips Phamily

12. No Pants

13. Just me


Our inaugural online Zoom event saw 13 teams and 50 video streams turn out. It was heartwarming to see all your faces pop up on screen and I want to thank everyone for making the game flow smoother than I ever expected. Cannot wait to host the next game on the 31st. If you didn't stick around after the trivia contest, we tested out a new Music game using a Spelling Bee format and that was just as much fun with the Bar Flyz outlasting Karlsgood for the Music Bee victory.


1. Mitch McConnell's Childhood Polio

2. Cooped Up Kauai Chickens

3. Karlsgood

4. I-Rish we had more TP

5. Homebound Ho's

6. Bar Flyz

Gaza Strippers

7. Very Stable Geniuses

8. Wilfred Brimley's DiaBEEtus All-Stars

9. Village Idiots

10. Dude, we're locked inside

11. Babes With Brains

12. Almost to the Purple Church